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  • Sea bream - Sparusaurata

Sea bream (Sparusaurata) is a fish of the family Sparidae, met in Medditerannean Sea and Eastern coastal areas of North Atlantic. A strong curved profile, It has a strongly curved profile, oval and tall body. Sea bream can reach a length of 35 cm. It has a silver color and a characteristic black spot at the end of the gill coating. Another characteristic feature in adult fish is the golden bow between the eyes hence its name “gilthead”. Sea bream along with sea bass belong to the most valuable fish of the Mediterranean Sea in terms of nutritional value, as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Sea bream - Sparusaurata

Availble sizes:
200/300 gr
300/400 gr
400/600 gr
600/800 gr
800/1000 gr
1000/1500 gr

Typical packaging in 6 and 10kg boxes but we can adapt according to customers’ needs.

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