Aquaculture and Fish farming of Mediterranean species - SAO - History


Sao is a company operating in the area of aquaculture in Greece since 2003. Its major activity is fish farming of Mediterranean species mainly: sea bream, sea bass, sharp snout sea bream, and red sea bream. Although export-oriented, many of our products are also available at points of sales throughout Greece.

The name Sao is inspired from ancient Greek mythology. SAO was a Nereid, one of the 51 daughters of Nireus and Doris. Nereids were sea nymphs, each one representing a specific feature of the sea. Sao was the compassionate one, a protector of the seamen and cast-aways.

Our head office is at the city of Patras, our packaging plant at Neohori, Messolonghi area and our fish farms around the area of MessolonghiAitoliko lagoon complex, at the estuaries of Acheloos River in the Ionian Sea. A natural ecosystem protected by Ramsar Treaty and Natura 2000.

Sao’s products are available fresh, chilled, gutted, scaled and processed (fillets, cured, smoked). All procedures are certified according ISO 22000 standards.

Our company’s objective is achieving sustainable growth investing in projects such as vertical integrated production, introduction of innovative products, actions to promote social and economic development, research for new effective production practices to safeguard natural environment and fish welfare. 

60 Riga Feraiou Str.
26221 Patras
Tel.: +30.2610.277.745
Fax: +30.2610.277.882

Neochori, Messolonghi
30001 Aetolia-Acarnania
Tel.: +30.26310.26981
Fax: +30.26310.26982

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