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Origin: “Quality is in our nature”
Sao farms are located in a unique place, at the estuaries of Acheloos River, close to Messolonghi-Aitoliko lagoons complex. Aquaculture is one of the few activities allowed in this region protected by Ramsar Convention and included in the Natura 2000 network. An overwhelming scenery in a peaceful place of breathtaking natural beauty. “Quality in our nature” and vice versa…

Taste: “Duality of taste”
A product formed where the river meets the open sea. This unique synergy of pure natural elements creates environmental conditions comparable to those of a lagoon. As a result, Sao’s fish have a unique and unrivalled taste.

Safety: “A fish’s story”
Sao keeps its own traceability records, an active, operating mechanism, which allows an overall control of the fish health status. A daily record of the fish’s life is always available to ensure safety and facilitate any necessary corrective action.

Freshness: “Daily fresh”
Harvesting is a procedure that takes place only to meet with everyday orders. No massive harvesting, no harvesting without an order. Sao applies this rule stringently to ensure freshness and quality superiority.

A sophisticated experience: “Quality guarantee”
SAO has also been dealing with the trade of wild caught fish for many years. This venture has privileged Sao personnel with an invaluable experience and expertise on fish handling, fish quality and fish freshness. A guarantee of experience that equals to a quality guarantee.

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